Working with graphite is relatively new for me.  I gradually transitioned out of watercolour and oil painting after attending a workshop in pencil portraiture. During a winter in Arizona, I discovered that a German artist I had been following was giving his first North American workshop and it was being held just a 7 minute drive from where I lived. A week of learning graphite techniques from Dirk Dzmirsky put the gears in motion that set me on a new path. Going from the portraiture on paper that I learned at the workshop, to my current style of landscape and nature on cradled board, has been both challenging and rewarding. New graphite techniques and tools constantly come into play as my process evolves.

I’ve lived in many locations in Saskatchewan, Canada and have called Saskatoon home since the late 1990’s. Thunderstorms crossing the prairie landscape; skies created by the comings and goings of the sun; the sense of well being you feel from taking a deep breath in the forest; these elements of nature inspire my art making. Saskatchewan’s diverse scenic natural environments offer these elements and more as subject matter.  I work from home in Saskatoon and I’m represented by Black Spruce Gallery.